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Something everyone wants in their car Mike aka Crxforum has added. We are jealous. Skip to 1.47 to go straight to the goodness.


  • slavender says:

    Why is more content being added when the website isn’t fixed? Things need to get done here. Things just aren’t getting done and you won’t be able to give yourself a raise if things don’t get done.

    Also why is the content on this website no longer exclusive to this website? If I can just watch the videos on youtube why bother come here. The video has less than 200 views. How do you make money off that?

    Screwattack has thousands of paid monthly subscribers paying $4 / month with the advantage program. To quote this website for them gaming isn’t a hobby it’s a way of life. You don’t make money when it is just a hobby.

    The Screwattack Advantage program will make your videos ad-free in hd with bonus content as well as getting content earlier than everyone else. There are other great features go to this address to sign up now

    I understand Tom wants to make money but we can all agree he made a bad business move creating this website. It would kill me to think I know what I am doing only to leave a company and see it take off while I have to work a second job because my “passion” isn’t generating enough money to pay the bills.

    If Tom has worked with Craig like people have said he needs to call him back up. You may have to take a pay cut for your dis-loyalty but with enough ass-kissing you will make more money.

    Screwattack is way more successful and not only that they are nice caring people that care about each other and their community.

    • Handsome Tom Handsome Tom says:

      Thtas a lot going on here. The video posted is to benefit Mike not us, we do not make money of this video and that is ok any extra views to help our friends of the site should be appreciated. The news was delayed because of the site problems, which are being fixed by a company we hired and will be fixed asap. We do not pretend to be SA, sorry but we do this out of love for filming and video games. We are adding content to keep it going while we go through some quick growing pains. I hope you can visit both sites when it is all said an done.

    • Mr Black Mr Black says:

      Ok buddy, we get it, you like SA. This is NOT SA so please stop posting how it should be more like that site and how much better it is. If you want to pay money to watch videos, fine, that’s your choice. Me… I find that a waste of money.

      Like Tom said, the site is in transition so just chill out it will be up and running like normal soon, but please stop posting here peddling SA. Nothing against SA but you have to realize the TGH are not that site.

      One last thing, this site was never about making money but the love of videogames. All the staff have other full-time jobs and do this on the side. I too help out researching and writing the weekly news and I work a 40+ hour a week job. So don’t presume this is all about making money.

      • slavender says:

        Mr. Black

        I have a better idea. Since you are not Screwattack why not throw out a video game challenge to them. This year they are challenging video game websites to a competition.

        Not only will you be able to show you are better by beating them. You will be able to attract other customers from their community and your business will grow.

        Just think about it. You can put on a show and make it seem personal when you challenge Screwattack but for you it will all be business and the fans will enjoy it.

        Accept the challenge, stand up to Screwattack and don’t be a sissy.

        • Mr Black Mr Black says:

          Call me a sissy if you want but there are numerous reasons why I can’t accept the Screwattack challenge:

          1) Even though the GH’s are located in the US I live in Canada. I highly doubt that SA will travel up here and I doubt even more they’ll fly me down. I don’t have the free money to simply fly down that way for a videogame challenge. When you reach your early 30s you’ll understand why.

          2) Like I said earlier, I work a 40+ hour a week job, currently with an emphasis on the +. I would love to sink more time into writing for this website, traveling for videogame challenges etc. but I have a full time salaried job and a lot of responsibility. Again, once you find a career you will understand (I’m assuming you’re still young).

          3) From what I’ve heard the SA videogame challenge in mostly fighting-game based. I am terrible at fighting games competitively so why would I book time off work which I can’t afford right now, spend my own money to fly down and get my ass kicked in a game genre I suck at?

          I can’t speak for the rest of the GHs for not wanting to do the challenge (they have their own reasons that should be respected) but for myself it makes absolutely no sense.

          Like I said earlier, this is a website made by people with a love a videogames but ALSO by people with full-time jobs, young families etc. Until you get to that point in your life when you work 40+ hours a week, come home to spend some time with your young family you’ll see where your priorities are.

          • slavender says:

            Thank you for explaining that and I call you a sissy in good taste, nothing personal.

            Although I have yet to experience these adult situations as you describe I still believe if you just work on this website part time that the website will suffer and not take off.

            If you were a celebrity maybe your promotion with minimal involvement could still make the site take-off but since you are an average person like myself I know countless hours have to be put in to be successful.

            If you guys are just doing this as a hobby why do I have to watch ads in the videos. Maybe Tom is doing this as a hobby as well so this website will never take off and he is a greedy person so he forces you to watch adverisements.

            If this is just a hobby for him then that explains why he left Screwattack because he didn’t want to devote his entire career to video games. I find it total b.s. when the slogan for this website is “gaming isnt a hobby but a way of life” and he doesn’t put the effort into the content. Screwattack must have fired him.

        • Mr Black Mr Black says:

          For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment. I would love to do this full time. Writing news for a gaming site would be great way to make a living and I can tell you I would give it all I’ve got. But that isn’t an option at this point so I will continue doing what I can with the free time I have. Not sure how long you’ve been checking out the site but I used to write articles/lists to go with these news stories. Since the new year my current work has been pushing a new product release (I work for a small software company doing content development) and I’ve been swamped with upgrading everything to work in HD so I’ve had to drop my article/list writing as I haven’t had the free time. I loved doing it. Things are starting to slow down a bit at work and I’m thinking of getting back into writing for the site again (maybe a piece once or twice a month to start). Any suggestions on what you’d like to see please let me know. Would it be a top 5/10 list, a story on a specific aspect of gaming culture, history of gaming etc. I’m open to suggestions.

          As for Tom, I can’t directly speak for him but I do know (from watching the content on this site) that he owns a couple of businesses and has a young daughter. My guess is those things come first and the site comes second (which makes sense). I can’t talk directly about his former ties with SA and really, that’s none of my your your business (don’t mean for it to sound insulting but it was a personal matter from a few years ago that should just be let go).

  • slavender says:

    I look forward to the new website when it comes about.

    The elephant in the room is that maybe it isn’t the same issue but for the last 3+ months there have been website errors. When there have been errors for that long I find it hard to believe things will be fixed asap.

    I have mis-communicated that I want you guys to be like Screwattack. Yes, besides IGN I think Screwattack is the best video game website out there. You should be trying to beat your competition and I don’t believe you can beat Screwattack with the current business model that you have.

    Mr. Black if this is just for the love of video games then you shouldn’t mind if I talk and make comparisons to other video game websites regardless of how silly I sound or how right I am.

    If this is for the love of video games why do I have to watch ads?

    If you do this out of love for video games I expect you to put more effort into something you love. That means at minimum have the errors fixed. The lack of effort in the content is another issue by itself.

    Why not turn what you love into your way of earning a living?

    If I asked would you like to work full time on thegameheroes and quit your day job I’m guessing you would do that. If I asked you do you want this website to grow you would say yes. If I asked you if you want this to be the best video game website out there you would say yes. When these things currently aren’t a possibility for you, you need to figure out why that is. Usually you have other tasks that you think are more important that aren’t related to this website so the website suffers when a lack of time is invested.

    If this is about love of video games then you must have worked at Screwattack for free and why leave because they share the same passion for video games as you have. Whether it is true or not that is what the Screwattack staff is telling to the community especially the guy named Craig.

    If you are doing this to make money there is nothing wrong with that. Whether you are doing this for profit or because you love video games more effort should be put into this.

    The website is up for a reason because you want people to see the videos.

  • Handsome Tom Handsome Tom says:

    Have we been challenged?

    • slavender says:

      Yes, you need to create a video challenging Screwattack to a video game show down. They will travel wherever you are so you just have to show up and choose 3 video games that you want to play in your challenge, and then watch your business grow.

      If you are referring to the fact that I said Screwattack is your competition, if they aren’t what motivators do you have for creating the best video game content out there? You may feel it is the best but it is not the best as far as number of viewers and people contributing to the discussion on the website.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Slavender, nobody cares about ScrewAttack. Yeah I’m sure they’ve convinced enough idiots to plop down money each month for content that isn’t worth it, but I’m guessing this isn’t the route Tom wants to take. Yeah we all know TGH has its issues, but you apparently didn’t get the memo that this isn’t their full time gig. If it were, THEN you probably would have a point, but that’s not the case.

    You like SA, then go there. It lost its uniqueness long ago. Tom and company most certainly DO have this site out of sheer love of video games. They are all full time working adults, and based on your comments, I take it you are not. One day when you grow up you’ll realize you don’t always get to do what you want, and that when you’re an adult, especially one with a family, time is precious.

  • mscupcakes mscupcakes says:

    Count me jealous. Aren’t you ever worried that your passenger will accidentally kick it or step on it when they get in?

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