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The Prototype- Early Zelda


The guys talk about the classics on the NES, SNES, GB and all other things Zelda. Call now 817-717-7202. Whats your favorite old school Zelda? Audio Only.

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The guys go old school with a long chat about the SNES, the games, the accessories and all the love. Call now 817-717-7202 let us know about your love for the SNES. AUDIO ONLY

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Handsome Tom, Mike Dodd and Ltd Ed Jason discuss games that have been played out. Does this include your favorite series? Call now 817-717-7202. Audio only HERE.

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Join the guys as they finish off their Zelda series with the final branch of the timeline.

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This podcast has the most people ever in Shin-Ra history. Join the guys, with Neil, Eric, and Chris as they delve into Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks.

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Link and Mongo discuss the news of the newly announced Watchmen prequels and then get their show hi-jacked by 2 competitor podcasters who give their take on the games at the beginning of the official Zelda timeline.

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Handsome Tom and Classy Man Jared give us this amazing list of the top 5 Zelda games. We know this list is controversial so let us know what your top list is and why.

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