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This week it looks like we're in for more Desmond in the newest Assassin's Creed game, a classic beatem-up is making a return, the Wii U's release date may be leaked, rumors of more Arkham City DLC on the way, Sony closes a long-time studio, Sega is hit with layoffs and the upcoming Transformers game has a release date.

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This week we talk about the Spike TV Video Game Awards, who won what and what big gaming announcements were made, a Sony publisher doesn't want an online pass in it's upcoming game, Ninja Gaiden 3 gets a release window and an apparent miscommunication sends Nintendo stock holders into a frenzy.

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Join Mongo and Beeslo as they review 2 Transformers items: the book Transformers Exodus and the video game War for Cybertron.

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This week we see one of next year’s biggest games gets multiplayer, it’s Batman week so we’ll talk about held-back features in the Dark Knight’s latest adventure and a PS2 classic turns 10 and gets a rerelease on some odd platforms.

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This week Microsoft wants you to throw out your cable tv box, Playstation launches a new promo to get you to buy more content, more characters revealed for Batman: Arkham City and more Dead Space 3 leaks!

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