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This week Sony announces another PS3 is on the way, Dragon Age 3 is officially on the way, the fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us has a release window, a Kingdom Hearts collection is coming and the Zone of the Enders collection now has a release date as well as a bonus for fans of the Metal Gear series.

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This week we find out where Fallout 4 might take place, Sony closes another studio, Diablo 3 adds new character levels and Resident Evil 6 will have stat tracking.

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This week Handsome Tom, Mike Dodd and Ltd ed Jason wrap up E3! Call now to win, details in this weeks show! 817-717-7202. Audio ONLY! Info about Slacker Radio We have 5- 3 month premium codes, and Codes can be redeemed here!

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GH Weekly News April 30 2012


This week Sony has a new fighting game coming, Nintendo plans to go digital and also sees its financial woes continue, Portal 2’s getting a level editor, and two of last year’s best games are getting game of the year editions.

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This week it looks like we're in for more Desmond in the newest Assassin's Creed game, a classic beatem-up is making a return, the Wii U's release date may be leaked, rumors of more Arkham City DLC on the way, Sony closes a long-time studio, Sega is hit with layoffs and the upcoming Transformers game has a release date.

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GH Weekly News Jan. 9, 2012


This week we find out that we might be in for some big announcements at E3, Sony is getting a couple of fun arcade shooters, the Vita sells terribly in Japan and a hacked Xbox Live member takes matters into their own hands.

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Join Ben, Brian, and Brandon in this non-comic related universe as they discuss the awesomeness of the Sony Playstation. Click here to download the audio version.

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Handsome Tom and Camera Man Joe check out the upcoming Prototype 2.

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