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Sorry for the delay, but here in it's entirety are the three B's joined with Kaiserhawk and Ms. Cupcakes. Watch as they discuss the crazy continuity of Resident Evil and what games they have been playing lately. Also, find out if Beeslo finally understands that Ireland and Scotland are different places!

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This fall is full of big time game releases that sees a colonial trip as an assassin, the return of the "Chief", and a promising new IP. One title that looks like it can very easily get lost in the shuffle is none other than Resident Evil 6.

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Sketch Master – Ada Wong


Orlando brings us Ada Wong from the RE series.

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The guys discuss all the Resident Evil series up to 6! Call now with your comments 817-717-7202! Audio only HERE!

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Orlando brings us this awesome sketch from Resident Evil. Enjoy The Tyrant

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Join Ben, Brian, and Brandon in this non-comic related universe as they discuss the awesomeness of the Sony Playstation. Click here to download the audio version.

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Join Camera Man Joe and Classy Man Jared as they double team Street Figher 4 and Resident Evil 5. If you have not seen Take 2 before, its an amazing review show where they go back in forth between two new releases.

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