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Join the guys as they discuss a genre of games they hold near and dear to their hearts - point and click adventure games!

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The Prototype- Early Zelda


The guys talk about the classics on the NES, SNES, GB and all other things Zelda. Call now 817-717-7202. Whats your favorite old school Zelda? Audio Only.

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This kid is SO rad...

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Handsome Tom and Classy Man Jared give us this amazing list of the top 5 Zelda games. We know this list is controversial so let us know what your top list is and why.

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Classy Man takes a look at one of his favorite games of all time, Crash n' the Boys on the NES. Did you like River City Ransom??? Then you will love this game.

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A relatively unknown game, Thunder & Lightning deceives you with intriguing box art. At first glance it makes you want to buy it. What kind of game has a dude shooting lightning out of his nipples? Watch and find out.

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