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This week we finally find out when the new Mass Effect ending will be released, and it's much sooner than you think, it looks like the Need for Speed series has a more permanent developer, but it might be at the cost of another popular racing franchise, Kirby's Dream Collection gets a release date in North America and look out, a new 3DS is on the way!

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Join Brian, Brandon, Ben, and special guest Eric as they discuss the pros/cons of skippable sequences in video games.

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This week we talk about the Spike TV Video Game Awards, who won what and what big gaming announcements were made, a Sony publisher doesn't want an online pass in it's upcoming game, Ninja Gaiden 3 gets a release window and an apparent miscommunication sends Nintendo stock holders into a frenzy.

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Mass Erect

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This week we see one of next year’s biggest games gets multiplayer, it’s Batman week so we’ll talk about held-back features in the Dark Knight’s latest adventure and a PS2 classic turns 10 and gets a rerelease on some odd platforms.

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