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This week Bioware addresses fan backlash to Mass Effect 3, Epic Mickey 2 is on the way, TellTale drops information about it’s upcoming Walking Dead games and Crystal Dynamics might be rebooting another classic game franchise.

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GH Weekly News March 11 2012


This week we dive into the rumor about Valve making a home console, Mass Effect 3 has an amazing launch, the man behind the Fable series is leaving Microsoft and against all odds the 3DS outsells its predecessor.

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This week the guys give a refresher to the Mass Effect Series, talk about whats awesome about it and what could be changed. Also find out what they think about Mass Effect 3. Our call line is now fixed! 817-717-7202. Audio only here.

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Camera Man Joe ask the important questions at the midnight release of Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

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This week Ubisoft shows off what we can expect in Assassin’s Creed 3, the next Bioshock game gets a release date, rumors that Bioware might be working on a possible new game for one of dearly-loved franchises and Sega announces one of their most popular Dreamcast games is coming to current-gen platforms soon.

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This week EA sends Mass Effect 3 into space.... for real, Ubisoft announces a sequel no one should be surprised is coming, Sony is shutting down servers for one of its console-exclusive and Capcom reveals more information about Resident Evil 6.

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