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GH Weekly News July 24 2012


This week EA accidentally outs a big-name sequel, a PS3 game will finally be getting trophies, Rocksteady might be working on a new Batman game which could be drastically different then what you’re used to seeing, another big release will be hitting stores next spring

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This week we have a lot of lead-up news to E3. We have a whole bunch of game announcements, news on the Activision vs. former Infinity Ward head’s trial, EA stealing an idea from Activision, and did I mention we have a bunch of game announcements leading up to E3? Well let’s get right to it!

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Last week Diablo 3 breaks sales records and has launch issues, the developer for Kingdoms of Amalur are in serious financial trouble, EA and Activision settle a lawsuit, the upcoming Southpark game gets a delay and more discounted Wii games are on the way!

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Camera Man Joe ask the important questions at the midnight release of Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

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This week more Dead Space rumors are floating around the web, a new South Park game is in the works, Sony might be copying one of the Nintendo’s most popular franchises and EA’s Battlefield versus Call of Duty smack talk seems to backfire on them according to Xbox Live usage.

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This week EA finally fulfills a promise, Max Payne 3 gets a special edition, Sony has another HD collection coming and a game you can pee on.

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Review Burnout Crash


Classy Man Jared lets us know if this game is worth a download. Will this game live up to the Burnouts of the past?

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This week we see one of next year’s biggest games gets multiplayer, it’s Batman week so we’ll talk about held-back features in the Dark Knight’s latest adventure and a PS2 classic turns 10 and gets a rerelease on some odd platforms.

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