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This week Handsome Tom, Mike Dodd and Ltd ed Jason wrap up E3! Call now to win, details in this weeks show! 817-717-7202. Audio ONLY! Info about Slacker Radio We have 5- 3 month premium codes, and Codes can be redeemed here!

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This week we have a lot of lead-up news to E3. We have a whole bunch of game announcements, news on the Activision vs. former Infinity Ward head’s trial, EA stealing an idea from Activision, and did I mention we have a bunch of game announcements leading up to E3? Well let’s get right to it!

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GH Weekly News Jan. 9, 2012


This week we find out that we might be in for some big announcements at E3, Sony is getting a couple of fun arcade shooters, the Vita sells terribly in Japan and a hacked Xbox Live member takes matters into their own hands.

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E3 09 Xbox


Handsome Tom and TheGameHeroes are at E3, doing what they do best. Check out this amazing vid show casing the Xbox Press event and stay tuned for much more in the next 24 hours.

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