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The time has come for the masses to get their first taste of the much hyped Resident Evil 6! The demo available allows a short playthrough in each of the campaigns (Leon, Chris, and Jake).

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This week Capcom and Dotnod team up for an exciting new game, the next Metal Gear game as a release date, the Silent Hill Collection finally gets patched…sort of, a two year old downloadable game gets DLC you might want to check out, the DayZ mod is getting its own title and Little Big Planet Karting has a release date.

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GH Weekly News July 9 2012


This week we won't be talking about studio closures and bankruptcies! Instead we find out when we'll be seeing Sony's Smash Brothers clone as well as a few new fighters, a game is actually coming out before its expected release date, and 80s action stable is getting a new game, Activision wants in on the Walking Dead's popularity and Capcom's releasing a new fighting game collection which you might be interested...

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The guys are joined by Old Neil and talk about comics, video games, movies and anything that comes to mind....this issue is a cluster$%!@

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Join Brian, Brandon, Ben, and special guest Eric as they discuss the pros/cons of skippable sequences in video games.

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This week EA sends Mass Effect 3 into space.... for real, Ubisoft announces a sequel no one should be surprised is coming, Sony is shutting down servers for one of its console-exclusive and Capcom reveals more information about Resident Evil 6.

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