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GH Weekly News July 9 2012


This week we won't be talking about studio closures and bankruptcies! Instead we find out when we'll be seeing Sony's Smash Brothers clone as well as a few new fighters, a game is actually coming out before its expected release date, and 80s action stable is getting a new game, Activision wants in on the Walking Dead's popularity and Capcom's releasing a new fighting game collection which you might be interested...

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This week we have a lot of lead-up news to E3. We have a whole bunch of game announcements, news on the Activision vs. former Infinity Ward head’s trial, EA stealing an idea from Activision, and did I mention we have a bunch of game announcements leading up to E3? Well let’s get right to it!

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Last week Diablo 3 breaks sales records and has launch issues, the developer for Kingdoms of Amalur are in serious financial trouble, EA and Activision settle a lawsuit, the upcoming Southpark game gets a delay and more discounted Wii games are on the way!

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This week Nintendo gives you free games for Club Nintendo coins, Snake Eater 3D finally gets a firm release date, we have Modern Warfare 3 DLC news and rumors continue you build on a possible Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

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