Shin-ra Podcast, Stage #4: This is a Playstation Black Disc


Join Ben, Brian, and Brandon in this non-comic related universe as they discuss the awesomeness of the Sony Playstation. Click here to download the audio version.

Click here to download the audio version.


  • saintgeorge14 says:

    Actually, the PocketStation was Sony’s answer to Sega’s VMU. Dreamcast’s came out first. Never made it to the U.S. I also imported one, and there are little minigames you can buy to download to your PocketStation. It’s neat, but not very useful. At least the Dreamcast’s VMU plugged into your controller and was right there to use while playing DC.

  • Nick Marino says:

    hahahaha when i first saw the names of the hosts on this show, i was like “wait… they made up fake normal names for themselves???” and then i remembered THOSE ARE YOUR REAL NAMES.

    it’s DAY-oos EX MA-kee-na

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