Shin-Ra: 1UP Mass Effect 3


Join Brian, Brandon, Ben, and special guest Eric as they discuss the pros/cons of skippable sequences in video games.

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  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Great episode guys! First of all, I haven’t beaten the Mass Effect games 7 times. I’ve beaten 1 & 2 once on Xbox, started a playthrough of 2 on PC but that’s come to a halt due to my girlfriend’s laptop dying and her taking over my PC to play her games. I do plan on doing a back-to-back playthrough of all three Mass Effect games sometime this summer to check out the different options.

    BTW in my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 everyone survived the suicide mission (except Kelly because I took too long to go through the Omega 4 Relay but she won’t be missed). Don’t know how I did it as I didn’t look at any playthroughs. If I were to do it again right now I would probably mess it and lose just about everyone.

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