YIBR Podcast: Issue 77 Apocalypse Later

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Join the guys as they celebrate 2011 in all it's glory, even if it is a little bit late...


  • YES! You guys are back! I’m looking forward on to seeing your art styles ,dudes.
    and finally some animation conversations ,are you guys gonna talk about Western ,French ,Japanese ,Classic , etc animations or just Japanese animation?

  • Mongo Mongo says:

    Probably mostly Japanese with sprinkles of Western here or there. We’ve discussed Western stuff in the past, but you don’t get to be called the Yamagato Industries Business Report if you aren’t aiming to mention Japanese animation.

    If you had any ideas or means of watching other stuff outside of our range, we are always open to suggestions because I’m not sure how much French animation I have access to lol. However, if you knew where to get some, I would look into it.

  • okay ,awesome=)

    Open to suggestions, eh? Well, have you ever herd of a show called Cybersix? If you don’t it was an Argentine comic series that was translated to almost every language except English. This comic has Nazis Scientists, Sex, Nudity, a Crossdressing Superhero and an Evil Boy Genius and some guy saw this and said “Hey, yeah, that. But for kids!”
    And it was one of the coolest kids Japanese anime made for an american audience best on an Argentine adult comic ever made.
    I saw that show when I was 8 years old and it is still one of my main inspiration in my art.
    The show only has 13 Episodes, I highly recommend a watch;)

    Boom! episodes on YouTube->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ0QYjem_Z4&feature=related

  • Mongo Mongo says:

    Cool, I will def bookmark that and check it out sometime. Thanks.

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