YIBR Podcast: Issue 70 – 52 Pick Up


Join the guys as they discuss their initial thoughts and reactions to the new DC 52, a relaunch aimed towards bringing in new readers in the digital age.

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  • transfixed says:

    What 80′s TV show is that opening theme song from?

  • Nick Marino says:

    Yo so here’s the thing with Aquaman — he has a bad rep as of late, but there are a TON of awesome runs in his history. Depending on the type of storytelling you like, there’s something for everyone. I think the best is the lengthy PAD run in the early 90s. It’s one of the few runs I saved when I gave most of my comics away. That story that melds action with magic and weirdness with a big attitude. Very cool run.

    But there’s so much more… the political intrigue of the Hooper run, the big creepy mystic fun of the Veitch run, the X-Files-meets-X-Men Sub-Diego era from the mid-00s… so much good stuff!!!

  • Nick Marino says:

    Oh yeah that was wonderful issue! Here’s the thing most people don’t realize — Aquaman is always a badass like that in his own book.

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