YIBR Podcast: Issue 68 Let’s All Go To The Lobby


The fellahs talk about the strangely popular Fear Itself event, new trades and chatted up about Marvel's slew of movies this past summer.

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  • Sheep Cannon Sheep Cannon says:

    Beeslo pretty much summed up my thoughts on Cap. I loved the first half but as it went on I thought they dropped the ball with a few things and the ending was rushed and lazy. I thought Hugo Weaving was a great choice for Red Skull but he didn’t do anything throughout the whole movie which was a waste. I thought Thor was better because because Loki came off as a real threat throughout the whole movie.

  • Nick Marino says:

    AMAZING TITLE CARD!!! Great job, Panic!

    DISCO HULK!!!!!!!!! “Talkin bout chest hair, talkin bout crazy cool medallions.”

    Beelso… I hate you.

    No, actually, you’re right. I thought they handed the costume beautifully. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the final iteration, I thought the costume evolution was perfect.

    I’ll need to rewatch it to make sure, but as of right now, Captain America is officially my favorite superhero movie.

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