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  • slavender says:

    Am I the only one wondering why the errors aren’t fixed? Do you guys know that every video you post another previous video I can not see because the page links are broken?

    This will greatly affect the number of views your videos get and you have to care because you make us watch ads so you will no longer generate money from the older videos.

    Lets pretend you are running a pizza restaurant and you run out of pizza sauce. You can’t keep serving pizzas you have to fix the problem and get more pizza sauce. Man I can’t believe you guys and the lack of effort.

    I have heard multiple times and have seen in the forums multiple times the community being told things are gonna get fixed but no timeframe and just saying the errors will be fixed sometime in 2012 doesn’t count.

    You must like it when users complain about shitty customer service. Are you bitter that Screwattack fired you or something?

    • mscupcakes mscupcakes says:

      I like your pizza shop analogy, and I’m sure you do too since you’ve regurgitated it plenty of times. You complain that we shouldn’t post any content until the site is fixed yet, last week, you complained about Tom not putting up the weekly news when you expected. I think your reaction to that video not being put up in time is exactly the reason why your pizza analogy doesn’t work. If there’s no new content then there’s little reason for people to check out the site besides the forums. By continuing to put out content they keep the fanbase happy despite whatever trouble we might be having with the site at any time. Just shutting down everything until the site gets sorted out is not a solution by any means.
      Also if you really want to see previous videos you can watch them on the blip.tv channel.

      • slavender says:

        That is a good point. I don’t want the website to be shut down just delay the new content. I don’t mean to do everything at once like post weekly content on time but fix the errors and don’t add any more content at the same time.

        I am throwing ideas out there and I expect Tom to take this information and plan accordingly.

        #1 priority is get the site fixed, then he needs to create a plan of action and follow that plan consistently.I get the vibe that things will just be added when they get done and that makes sense but stick to a schedule. I would think that if they can fix things and stick to a schedule that they are having similar issues in other areas of their lives.

  • slavender says:

    Nice, now this is what I can an interesting conversation. You know when some one says “these opinions reflect my own thoughts” it is going to be a good discussion.

    I don’t think you will be fired for your opinions. You are Tom’s pawn. Tom likes free labor and people that work for free don’t get fired. In similar fashion my uncle ran a car business for 30 years and his employees were commission based so if they didn’t sell he didn’t pay them so he never had to fire anyone, he had the will to be successful and had a passion for cars so he used his time and turned it into how he makes a living. Will this website still be around in 30 years?

    You get what you pay for. If you want someone to setup a website for you for free you can expect to have problems unless it is a personal friend or family member. If Tom owns other businesses then he should know how to get shit done you don’t have to be a computer genius to figure this stuff out. Whenever I see people being lazy I just want to jump in and take control to get stuff done, but I don’t work for free.

    I’m surprised in this economy that people would turn down money. That’s like saying that I am willing to pay money for someone to fix my car, but I can’t find a car mechanic to fix my car. If you worked for me I would have fired you for not getting things done. If you are managing a task you are responsible for getting it done and you can’t blame the guy you hired as an excuse. You need someone to teach you leadership skills.

    Everyone says and knows that advertisements go towards hosting costs, but what happens when the ads cover the hosting costs and there is extra money left over. Where does that money go? There is a motive to make money here just a lack of effort in the videos.

    If this is about love of video games why not do it another way. I can find out from other websites what video game stories are out there and I talk to my friends about gaming so why listen to a podcast. So what does Tom get out of telling me what is going on? He feels that I need to see his videos and watch advertisements and doesn’t want to make money?

    I appreciate your honesty, but you try to make this sound like a sympathy story when you say there are families to take care of. Who doesn’t have a family to take care of here?

    Yes I lack tons of knowledge in comic books and you should change the discussion to reach a more broad audience. I know you want people to see the videos and watch the ads, that you can’t bull shit me on, so take my common sense knowledge and make content that will appeal to a greater audience.

    You mean to tell me that if you made awesome videos you can’t be big/greater than Screwattack. You may think your videos are awesome yourself but nobody watches them and that reflects on how good the content is. We are in a time where if a video is catchy enough it will go viral and it just takes one video to do that.

    Only myself and the TGH staff post comments here so I know nobody watches these videos. Statistically if you have more viewers there is a greater chance more people will comment and if you take us out of the equation there are 0 comments. To put in part-time effort thinking this website will grow is a dumb idea.

    To see so much potential wasted is a shame.

    • Mr Black Mr Black says:

      Dude, I highly doubt you know what it means to take care of a family and run multiple businesses so stop trying to preach what priorities people should have. I can tell you’re young. Maybe still in high school, maybe in college. You have no clue whatsoever what real-life priorities are so stop trying to preach about them. See what happens when you find a career, get married, have a kid. See where you life priorities are and how much free time you have.

      Yes, this site is mostly run off free labour. People who have other jobs, families etc. We went over this. This is NOT SA who, in fact, run the website for a living. If you don’t like the content, personalities, layout, errors etc. just stop coming here. If you don’t like comics why post on something comic-related? I can tell you Link, Beeslo and Mongo work hard on their comic podcast. Just because YOU don’t like comics doesn’t mean they should change it. I can tell you from other people in the forums that it’s actually a popular feature on this site. I’m not a comic guy either but it doesn’t mean I think they should just stop.

      So basically stop trying to preach about stuff you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about (you may think you do, but trust me you don’t). Constructive criticism is one thing but just stop the “Be more like SA” and “People here are lazy because they all put part time effort in.” I want to see what YOU say in 10+ years when your life is in the same situation.

  • slavender says:

    Isn’t it amazing to see one post have 10 comments, this is kind of exciting.

  • Beeslo Beeslo says:

    Colonel Panic, that first panel slays me. Awesome as always.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    I repeat, slavender how about you screw off? Go back to giving Craig mouth party. You act like you give 2 craps about this site, but all you are doing now is trolling.

    • slavender says:

      Can you add any more to the discussion? All you got to say is two sentences. You would be more interesting if you could figure out how to contribute more.

      • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

        As opposed to all you are doing is attempting to troll with all your fanboy ScrewAttack bull. You keep repeating yourself and completely ignoring what everyone is trying to tell you.

  • Mongo Mongo says:

    I haven’t posted anything about this yet, but I guess I’m going to say a few words.

    I have always taken everything I have ever done with YIBR very seriously. Link, Beeslo, and I try to make our content enjoyable and fun for our listeners, both on the podcast and webcomic end of it. I enjoy being a part of the team and putting out content for all who listen to it.

    Our show has always gotten 100% effort from us, but has never gotten in the way of our personal lives. That’s how we set it up from the beginning. Our lives, our families come first, always.

    Now as far as our content goes, that’s a different story. Are we going to be for everyone? I don’t know. If you don’t read comics on a semi-regular basis, I don’t know if we are going to be your favorite podcast ever. We try to include general audience content as well as our niche content. We cover superhero movies that many people watch, sometimes we review comic book inspired video games, and we even have a sister podcast (Shin-Ra), where we tackle video game related topics in general.

    Now, I can’t speak on behalf of any of TGH, and I don’t even want to speak on behalf of all of YIBR, but while I respect anyone’s ideas/criticisms of our show, at the end of the day it is still our show and our content. I want to entertain people, but I guess maybe selfishly we also want to entertain each other and talk about what we want to talk about.

    I would love for our show to reach greater audiences, and we do throw in general knowledge shows in there sometimes, but the type of show we make leans towards listeners who have moderate amounts of comic book knowledge, and I’m ok with that. Not all content is for everyone. That’s my 2 cents.

    • slavender says:

      Another gameheroes staff is commenting here. We need to get the community to comment here and not just the staff. The community should drive this website and not the staff.

      • Mongo Mongo says:

        So because of that everything I said was invalid and pointless?

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