Shin-Ra – Obvious Exits Are…


Join the guys as they discuss a genre of games they hold near and dear to their hearts - point and click adventure games!


  • Indomitus Indomitus says:

    Side-note, blip videos has been painfully slow to load lately, just me?

    Mania Manson Techno? Grooovy!

    Yeah same here Beeslo, Quest for Glory & Conquest for the Longbow taut me engrish too!
    Wait what? Sleeping Dogs? Complete forgot the format, so it felt like complete left turn for a moment.

    Aah the Larry series, CRTL+ALT+X, amirite? I taught “Love for Sail” wasn’t that bad. LoL, how I searched for Larry 4 for long time. I love Sierra’s Do-or-Die style.
    Tim Schafer?.. Yeah, I guess, but I hold Ron Gilbert higher.
    Gemini Rue was great, really felt like mix of classics.

    LONGEST JOURNEY YES! Always thrilled to meet others that digs this game, one of my personal favorites. Okay, so I might as well tell why it’s sequel Dreamfall sucked, the ending. Worst non-open-ended cliffhanger of a killjoy event I’ve ever seen.

    I haven’t played the Telltale games, I don’t know.. There’s just something that doesn’t attract me to them.
    Snatcher definitively sounds interesting, I always have noticed Link’s adverts for it on the forum.
    Great top-lists guys. Man it’s hard, but I guess my could be;
    1. Beneath of Steel Sky
    2. Conquest of Longbow
    3. Full Throttle

    LoL Beeslo, WTF have you gotten hooked on? Watch out man or you might end up on “My Strange Addiction”
    Ah man, your talk of The Avengers release made me sadly remember that my pre-order for “Marvel Phase One” got frakin delayed to next year sometime. And because of a lame-ass briefcase lawsuit! #&¤%!
    Hmm, the last minutes were.. Interesting.

  • Indomitus Indomitus says:

    Another side-note, can you edit posts in wordpress?

    EDIT: Link can. Because he’s doing it right now. Dunno about you.

  • OtakuKat OtakuKat says:

    You guy’s need to go to GOG like right now!! they have King’s Quest and Space Quest and just about ever other game you guys talked about for Window’s XP, Vista, and 7 for very low prices and DRM Free.

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Oh Gobliins 2, one of the first games I got to work on my Zenith 2000 DOS PC back in the day… I loved that game, but my childhood brain just about exploded trying to figure out some of those puzzles.

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