Shin-Ra – Team Up Kaiserhawk/Ms. Cupcakes


Sorry for the delay, but here in it's entirety are the three B's joined with Kaiserhawk and Ms. Cupcakes. Watch as they discuss the crazy continuity of Resident Evil and what games they have been playing lately. Also, find out if Beeslo finally understands that Ireland and Scotland are different places!


  • Indomitus Indomitus says:

    Phew, almost thought you guys were gone too.

    I agree with Mongo, the RE series sounds fuckin crazy convoluted.

    Damn, now really want to know what Beeslo final question was.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Holy crap, an update to TGH!

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    This reply is late and not sure anyone else will read, but as one of the last active people on this site…well here goes:

    First of all this is the first episode of YIBR I’ve actually listened to, and I must say I feel bad now for not listening to it the whole time. I enjoyed it. Granted you pulled me in with the talk of RE, but overall I liked the show.

    As far as RE, yeah the storyline seriously needs a hard reboot. I usually hate those, but the storyline needs to end. I say give this RE storyline one more game to close everything, and then start over. I also encourage to play every RE game; even Survivor. Granted, you can tell by my name I’m a huge RE fanboy, but I can honestly say I have enjoyed at least parts of every RE game, even the suckfests such as Survivor and Gaiden.

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