YIBR Podcast – Batman Special


The guys and Yoko give you their belated thoughts The Dark Knight Rises!

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  • Indomitus Indomitus says:

    Yeah Bane voice was funny, but I got used to pretty quick.
    I thought Hathaway was okay, weren’t that blown away. Holly however was pleasant surprise.
    The ending was my biggest grievance, when I first saw it I
    thought he died because I missed some of things in the ending. Then when discussing it with a friend realized how really ended and was deeply disappointed.

    In all, I really like the Nolan trilogy, but still prefer Burton’s movies more.

    Beeslo, it was Tron Legacy that did Comic-Con audience recording. “RINZ! LER!” “DEE! REZ!”

    LoL, the Duke reading some spank novel, nice find.

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