YIBR Podcast: Avengers Special


Join the guys as they give their feelings on the Avengers movie!


  • slavender says:

    As of the current date of this post all of your websites content from May 11 – May 16 no longer is appearing on the website.

    I have saved my previous posts in case any data is lost.

    I tried to access the link “http://thegameheroes.com/contact/” to notify staff about the issue but got an error message.

    Not sure if this was one of the issues Tom was talking about but I have never seen content disappear from a website before. Hope you guys didn’t get hacked.

    Over the past couple of days I have started engaging in interesting conversation with the other members on this website and would like to continue to do so. I have noticed that all of these shows have no discussions besides gamer girl of the month for obvious reasons. There have been a few weak attempts by “Just-Joe” but he acts like a pawn and all he does is kiss Tom’s ass.

    Of course there will always be content that doesn’t please everybody but when I have to wait every 2 – 3 days to see if new content is added and then find out it is content I am not interested in I need something else to keep me engaged on the website. This is when I turn to the social discussions.

    Even though this website doesn’t appear as popular as screwattack or ign based on their video views and social discussions there is an incredible amount of potential here.

    I have been reading on the screwattack website that they have been challenging other video game websites to a video game showdown. That sounds really cool and I will put in a good word for you guys in their discussion forums.

    From a business perspective your fan base will increase and increase the probability for more people like myself to contribute to the discussions on this website.

    I decided to give this website a chance because I am a fan of video games but I can only imagine when people stumble across this website anonymously and see every video has “0 comments” that they must think this website is dead.

    I realized from my previous discussions that some users think I may sound a little harsh so please don’t take my assessment personally.

    I previously stated before I am not into podcasts but your Avengers podcast is something that has caught my attention and I am looking forward to hearing. I got the chance to see the movie last week and may be going again this weekend to see it taking my cousins as an excuse to see it again.

    Keep up the good work!

  • slavender says:

    I agree with the guys in this podcast that this movie was very humurous without trying very hard and the Hulk was better portrayed and shared an equal amount of time with the rest of the characters.

    The current Banner is my favorite. I don’t know the guys talking but whoever mentioned more future Hulk movies is a dumb idea as well as the idiot who is looking forward to the next spiderman movie.

    The first two Hulk movies were not really good, hey I know lets make another.

    All these characters except Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow have already had their own movies and origins explained.

    We don’t need any more movies based on separate characters unless a new character is being introduced.

    They have found a winning formula and should stick to more avengers movies, to do otherwise is a bad business move.

    I hate to say that because I am a fan of the first Thor movie and would like to see a sequel.

    I loved the Avengers movie and I didnt miss wolverine. For bullshit legal reasons wolverine couldn’t be in it.

    How come nobody discussed the Avengers Video Game coming out?

    I heard about it at this link “http://www.screwattack.com/news/ubisoft-teams-marvel-bring-us-avengers-video-game”

    Usually video games based on movies suck and discussing past experiences playing these shitty video games make good conversation and appeal to a broader audience.

    Some of us don’t know all the characters in the marvel universe and I lose interest when I dont know their background not to mention that none of this is explained as I listen.

    I do agree that releasing the movie overseas first was a good business move.

    Save your Dark Knight discussion for a Dark Knight podcast. Marvel and DC are two different universes.

    I love that you played the music from the movie in the last 20 minutes of the podcast. The conversation after the music was boring and I know in future podcasts I listen to when to stop listening.

    I was disappointed that Tom didn’t participate in the podcast. There are a minimal amount of shows on this website so I expect the main guy to participate unless you aren’t a marvel fan and feel that you can’t contribute to the podcast. A lack of contributing can have serious consequences to your business.

    I found another issue, when I clicked on the next page the link to see content from the previous week I get an error.

    The link was “http://thegameheroes.com/blog/blog/page/2″ I simply removed the extra /blog but other users may not be aware of that.

    There is some funky stuff going on and I hope you get everything fixed.

  • Nick Marino says:

    Link, you’re thinking of R&D, research and development.

    Apparently the death of Coulson was Kevin Feige’s idea and was already a part of the plot before Joss arrived. And I like the Coulson comes back as the Vision theory :)

    FACT CHECK!!! First up, Neil, the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie is from the mid 90s, not 80s. And Beeslo, the Captain America helmet is from the early 80s made-for-TV movies, not the feature film from 89.

    I think Guardians of the Galaxy will be annouced at SDCC. I also think the rights to Fantastic Four are going to revert to Marvel soon (if I’m not mistaken, the rights are supposed to revert after five years if a film isn’t in active development). I could be wrong about that, but it would be super cool if it was true. In that case, I think Black Panther will appear first in an FF movie.

    In my opinion, there’s a secret Luke Cage cameo in The Incredible Hulk movie. When Hulk is tearing up Harlem at the end, there’s a quick shot of a buff, bald guy reacting to the violence. He’s wearing all yellow and looking pretty badass. It’s obviously unintentional, but I like to pretend that it’s actually Cage :D

    I like the idea that you guys laid out about the gems, planting them throughout the other movies. That was f’ing fun!!!! Do you think that there’s maybe a gem reference somewhere in the Avengers?

    I don’t Thanos’s crony is coming back… he was just the leader of the Chitauri.

    I definitely think they’re taking Ultron away from Hank Pym. I bet that Tony creates him in the movie universe :(

  • slavender says:

    Nick Marino I am way out of my league. You have made me realize I know nothing about the Marvel Universe.

    On a separate note I have been having issues with the website and was wondering if you are having issues as well. I don’t see any content from May 11 – 16 and I know this website posts content every day or every other day and I remember seeing content on these dates.

    Also I am asking the other users on this website to support challenging the website screwattack.com to a video game showdown. If enough people on this website support this I believe it can really happen. One of the other users said Tom is affiliated with Screwattack so this is a slam dunk and would be very cool to see.

    The 3 games I suggest to play in the challenge are nba jam, mortal kombat, and street fighter 3 alpha

    Let me know your thoughts Nick Marino


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