Diablo 3


This is an in-depth review of Diablo 3! If you have not played it yet, buy it now and join us online!


  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    This game is pure awesomeness (when it works). I remember plowing through the first Diablo in high school and loving every second of it. Been waiting a long, long time for the third installment and I can tell you this will probably be my go-to PC game for awhile!

  • MrHollywood360 MrHollywood360 says:

    This makes me sad that I have a piece of shit PC.

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    It actually runs pretty well on older rigs from what I understand. Check out the minimum requirements and see if it’ll play!

  • slavender says:

    You hit a home run with this show. I wish I could use the website page links to see more episodes of this show but I get errors.

    With the errors aside I thought this was truly a professional effort. I don’t know how many reviews there are or what the schedule is but you should do this every week depending if there are new games to be reviewed and don’t only do a review when it’s a game you like.

    Tom was well spoken, I didn’t notice any stutters in the audio so the audio editing was superb and the writing was excellent as Tom was well spoken. throughout the entire review. It was a good move not to include Tom visually in the video as I still felt a personal engaging review without seeing a person talk.

    I think you hit the main points like graphics, sound, replay value etc… very well.

    I have one suggestion to add in case the community doesn’t understand your explanation of the smaller details, to not only rate the overall game on a scale of 1 – 10 but also rate the graphics, sound, replay value etc… 1 – 10 as well.

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