The Prototype- Video Game Cover Bands


Camera Man Joe joins Handsome Tom, Mike Dodd, and Ltd Jason for this weeks prototype highlighting video game cover bands.


  • slavender says:

    I was very bored by this discussion. I couldn’t even tell who was running the show. I probably listened to the podcast for 10 minutes until I had to step away from the computer so I find myself looking for a download link. Why cant I download a mp3 file to listen to while I am away from my computer. I’m not going to bother finish listening to the podcast

    Maybe this website doesn’t have the technology to include advertisements into an mp3 file. It’s understandable you have to make money but there is nobody contributing to the discussion on this website. Yes there are a couple of friends/employees that like to kiss Tom’s ass but it doesn’t get people involved. After I watch a video or listen to a podcast I like to hear what the rest of the users are saying.
    Why not post the mp3 link for now and once everyone is hooked and the site grows then change things.

    There are forum discussions but this part that I am contributing to is the face of the company so it needs to look like the users are busy/active and that will drive customers.

    For any users reading this that aren’t friends or work for Tom help Tom support this website. He needs our help. He has already asked people for help fixing the wordpress errors on this website so it is clear that he wants our help.

    It is more appropriate for a fan like myself to help push this so Tom doesn’t sound desperate. I don’t know if he was looking for free labor or if he is willing to give % equity in thegameheroes. If I was given the option to get part of this company I would learn wordpress myself and work hard to earn part of the company.

    It seems like things aren’t getting done on this website. The things that aren’t getting done that I am referring to is the website errors that we have know about for the past 3+ months. I can only view the last 5 posts but when I try to go back a page I get an error. Not to mention when I click the contact link to notify the staff of the error I get another error.

    Now back to expanding this website, I call on any user that is not a friend or employee of thegameheroes I call on you to get thegameheroes to challenge screwattack to a video game show down. Screwattack is willing to travel to compete so thegameheroes wouldn’t have to travel they would just simply need to show up.

    I view not challenging screwattack as Tom just not getting things done. As a leader you have to take chances and as you guys take each other on both screwattack and thegameheroes communities will grow. This community will grow for sure because no users are contributing here.

    However, Tom may have other things currently in production and may be too busy, but there needs to be communication to the gameheroes community of what things to expect in 2012. I don’t know where to look to find that out and when I click a link I get an error. I’m sure fixing the errors by end of the year will be one of the big announcements.

  • MrHollywood360 MrHollywood360 says:

    You guys should really make an audio RSS feed for the show. That would be so much more convenient.

    Good show. Never heard of a lot of these bands and I’m interested in checking them out.

  • slavender says:

    I was looking forward to thegameheroes weekly news but Tom is being inconsistent again and at not delivering content. He has posted other content so I know this isn’t a website error.

    This website blows, there have been website errors for 3 months and if they aren’t going to fix the errors then they sure arent going to add an audio rss feed. That will mean Tom will have to reach out to the community again and ask for more help.

    If Tom used to work for Screwattack he needs to plead forgiveness and ask Screwattack for his job back. I don’t get why he would quit in the first place. The Screwattack website is awesome and has lots of cool shows and the website is busy with user activity any given time of day.

    They keep getting bigger and Tom better hop back on the money train. From a business perspective there are a lot of users with paid subscriptions on top of people watching advertisements and a merchandise store. If Tom was smart he would have stuck with screwattack and he could be getting a % of that.

    Tom has got to be kicking himself in the head over how much money he could be making.

    Tom should know by now that he can’t handle a website on his own. Its one thing to hear the community speak about the issues, but it is another to get things done. Things just arent getting done. I’m gonna check out screwattack now and see what else they have to offer.

    I’ll report to the users here what other great features I find on

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Ha, I had forgotten about that slavender douchebag. I wonder if he ever moved out of his parents’ basement.

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