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  • MrHollywood360 MrHollywood360 says:

    No Audio version?

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Guys, I can tell you first-hand that a great number of German soldiers in WWII either thought they were the good-guys and had no idea what Hitler was actually doing or didn’t agree at all with the Nazis but had no choice but to fight. My grandfather was in the second, he was in the German navy in WWII disabling water mines. Let me put it this way: He was a POW for the English Army for the last two years of the war. What happened when the war ended? He moved to/lived/worked in England. He didn’t go back to Germany until after my mother was born (he had moved to Canada at that point) and even then he didn’t really get to see his parents as they were trapped in East Germany. He hated the Nazis so much that he has a severe hate-on for anything he thinks is remotely close to socialism (Mike, he hate the NDP party because he thinks they’re mega-socialists).

    So yes, there are two sides to each conflict and mostly the losing side’s story gets glossed over. This is why I can’t play WWII games. They portray the Nazis/German Army as the ultra-evil, and don’t get me wrong, the Nazis were pure evil, but the majority of those fighting in the front lines, grunts, navy etc. had no idea about the evil that was going on or they simply didn’t have a choice but to fight or they would be killed, families would be killed etc.

    I would love for a game company to make a game that deals with the other side of the conflict. The German soldiers which were forced to fight or thought they were doing the right thing (and to be fair, the German people were starved because they were pinned for pretty much everything in WWI) but discover the insanely evil things their government was doing. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see this game.

    • Capt. Chuckles Capt. Chuckles says:

      Mr. Black, do you mean a game about Operation Valkryie or something? Because that would be interesting. Again, that had to be tough on your grandfather, to be of something like that because you were forced to.

      I don’t have a preference when it comes to FPS’s. I will play the WWII-era COD or the Modern-era COD. I would like to see more games about Vietnam in honor of the soldiers that suffered horrors during and after that war. My grandfather was in the U.S. Army and fought in Vietnam. He served two tours of duty, and served in a black op which earned him a Bronze Star. He never talked about what he went through. Whenever there was something that was on TV about the war, he would always change the channel. We went on a fishing trip one time, and my mother warned me to never fall into the water or let my brother or sister fall in the water, in case it may trigger something. He passed away from a battle with cancer, and I didn’t get to have that discussion with him. So I felt if I got the chance to play a Vietnam-based CoD, I would take that chance because I feel it would help me appreciate my grandfather and the veterans he fought with just a little more.

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