The Prototype- SNES


The guys go old school with a long chat about the SNES, the games, the accessories and all the love. Call now 817-717-7202 let us know about your love for the SNES. AUDIO ONLY


  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    The Super NES is awesome; at one point I think i had about 50 games for it but sadly I sold them all when I started college. A Link to the Past is still my favorite Zelda game and tied with Super Metroid as my favorite SNES game (maybe favorite game ever).

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Mike, your buddy who beat A Link to the Past in 8 hours needs more training. I recently beat it in 5, therefore I am more awesome. Also, you guys failed to mention Super Metroid as one of the best SNES games ever!

    Another thing, I find it annoying that all of a sudden retro-game hunting’s suddenly become mega popular. I’ve been doing it for years… you people are ruining it for me as it’s making it harder to find amazing deals! I’ll never forget the bag full of NES and Genesis games I got for $15 a few years back… you know, the one that also included a mint copy, in box, of the original Metroid. Now I can’t any deals like this anywhere in my area.

  • Handsome Tom Handsome Tom says:

    *Edit this is Birdman*

    Mr Black…don’t I know it!
    Literally 5 minutes after we finished the show I thought Super Metroid!

    Still the retro hunting market SUCKS right now…everyone jacking up prices of sucking places dry in the name of profit…it’s not even about the hobby anymore :(

    • Mr Black Mr Black says:

      It should be a sin to forget Super Metroid. It and A Link to the Past are games I replay once a year. This might be a year where I replay them twice just to try and break personal speedrun records. Also, you guys forgot Crono Trigger, best JRPG ever made. For shame!

      Yeah, I’ve only gone searching once this year and it was beyond horrible. High prices by vendors who charge way too much for meh games. All the vendors from the past I’ve been able to haggle/barter with are gone it seems. Plus side, I saved a bit of cash this year from it and resold of the rare titles I picked up awhile back for a decent profit.

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