The Prototype GTA


Handsome Tom and Ltd Ed Jason discuss the GTA series. Is Handsome Tom right by saying they are boring games? or is Ltd Ed Jason right saying that anything Rockstar touches is gold? Call now 817-717-7202


  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Hey guys, just an FYI but there’s been no release date announced for GTA V yet. Rumors say it’ll be out this fall, but due to a lack of anything shown on the game so far I doubt it very much we’ll be seeing it this year. It’ll most likely be out sometime between March and June of next year.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    I likely won’t get GTA V. I liked IV ok but that’s been 4 years ago and honestly I think I’m over the whole “open world do whatever you want” thing.

  • Markies says:

    Jason, you are wrong.

    The series starts in 2D with Grand Theft Auto I & II.

    The jump to 3D is called Grand Theft Auto III with Vice City and San Andreas as it sequels.

    GTAIII is the first one and that is the one set in NYC along with being more modern day while Vice City was in the 80′s and San Andreas was in the 90′s.

    For favorite, I’d have to go with Vice City. The atmosphere was just perfect for me and everything fit so much better. I enjoyed the ability to do everything, the size and scope of San Andreas, but I never really cared about the story. GTAIII is pretty awesome and I enjoyed it very much, but it is a bit more dated than the others especially with the controls.

  • Capt. Chuckles Capt. Chuckles says:

    I liked Vice City out of all the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s got a really good story, the gameplay is pretty good even though it’s probably dated now, and it has good music from the 80′s. If I recall though, they kinda did some zombie game for the Red Dead Redemption series call Red Dead Undead Nightmare or something like that.

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