The Prototype- Forgotten Fighting Games


You remember the days when fighting games were the only game to play? During that golden time there were so many fighting games that have been forgotten. Join us as we look at classics, what happened to them and our wish list for more. Cal now 817-717-7202. Audio only HERE.

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  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    I’m going to have to side with Tom on this. The Gears of War series is incredibly boring. The first game was alright, fun story co-op but never got hooked by the multiplayer and I don’t see myself going back to beat the single player again. Gears 2 was sooooo boring I couldn’t even finish it even with co-op. Run to cover, shoot or chainsaw things, run to more cover, shoot or chainsaw things, big boss fight and then more cover. Haven’t tried Gears 3 and am in no hurry to do so. It just feels bland.

    I don’t think this is just limited to the Gears franchise, but shooters in general are getting extremely boring to me. Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 for example. I found both single player campaigns a chore to complete. I toughed through MW3 but when one of my game saves from BF3 somehow got corrupted I just couldn’t bother anymore. All it is, shoot bad guys, set piece, shoot guys, set piece, drive or shoot in a vehicle etc.. Thankfully for those games I enjoy the multiplayer as shooting real people in game is way more fun than shooting a different skin of the same soldier for the 1000 time.

    Shooters really need to find a way to evolve as they’re really starting to become stale. I don’t know how, but there has to be some kind of solution.

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