The Prototype – End of line


Hey guys, this is the last show!!! .......this year! We count down the releases, blunders and much more from the gaming industry. We will be back the first week of 2012. Call now to give us new years wishes! 817-717-7202. Audio only HERE!


  • wonderboy says:

    Only Special edition I bought was the Zelda 3D Ocarina edition in Aus. Assassin’s Creed Rev had a special edition (Aus, Euro) came with a encyclopedia but you can buy it from ubisoft store

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    The only time I get Special Editions is when GameStop needs to get rid of them and I end up getting them for the same price as the regular edition.

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    I too usually only get special editions when they go on sale. Picked up a few a month or two ago for mega cheap. I did, however pick up the Deus Ex SE because it was $10 and the developer is only an hour and a bit drive from where I live so I want to support them. Also getting the Mass Effect 3 SE because they typically are limited editions.

  • bigglou bigglou says:

    I just got Catherine and KOF 13 special edition for the price of the regular edition which included the soundtrack.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Dead Island was a good game? Um…ok.

    It wasn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, but it was far from good.

    Resistance 3 was good and sadly pretty ignored, but it was probably the worst of the series. I seriously disagree that Resistance was terrible.

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