The Prototype- Marvel Games


Handsome Tom, Captain Awesome and Ltd Jason discuss the good, bad and ugly through the Marvel gaming universe. Audio only HERE.


  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Alright, I feel the need to defend Canadian game developers AGAIN as Tom seems to think that we don’t make good games. Beyond Silicon Knights who in fact garbage, we’ve made:

    EVERY Bioware games. Bioware is Canadian so you can thank Candians for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Buldur’s Gate, Knights of the Old Republic etc.

    A lot of Ubisoft games are made in Canada. That includes every Assassin’s Creed game, Prince of Persia, Far Cry 2 and 3.

    EA Canada which makes the NHL games (surprise surprise), the last few FIFA games (meh) and… this one’s for you Tom, SSX.

    Other notable games made in Canada are Deus Ex: Human Revolution (kick-ass game) and the upcoming Max Payne 3 (being made in Vancouver). So we actually make a lot of games you like. You’re welcome.

    Also Tom, since you got a new PC will you be picking up Diablo 3? It’s going to be the go-to PC game this year I think.

    • Handsome Tom Handsome Tom says:

      lol, I just like giving Mike a hard time. I did not play Diablo 2, so I am not that interested.

      • Mr Black Mr Black says:

        I didn’t play Diablo 2 much as I was busy being in college at the time, but I played the shit out of the original. Played Diablo 3 during the beta weekend a few weeks ago and I’m not going to lie, it was mega awesome. Didn’t try the multiplayer or the co-op but it’s suppose to be mega fun.

  • darthnater darthnater says:

    Not sure if Mike forgot about or overlooked this, but Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 IS set during the events of the civil war. You have to decide whether you’re on iron man’s side or Captain America’s. Pretty cool concept.

  • fateswarning189 says:

    DC comics rules. f you tom. :)

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