Top 5 Final Fantasy Games


Classy Man Jared and Camera Man Joe make some tough decisions on one the most controversial list to date.


  • Markies says:

    *Cracks Knuckles*

    Alright, let’s do this. I know I am going to have some disagreements with this video…

    *Watches Video*

    Wow. That was very impressive and I actually have no qualms with it whatsoever. All 6 games should have been on the list and there is no major flaws. IV may have been a little high, but I know how much Joey loves that game, so it is just a nitpick.

    The large problem with trying to rate Final Fantasy games is the battle between your heart and your head. The games are loved so dearly that some fans put blinders up and not able to see them beyond their love. The Final Fantasy game that you love is probably not the ‘best’ in comparison, so you have to take your heart out of the equation.

    With that in mind, here are my two lists. The heart are my personal favorite games in the series. The head are the ones that take out my personal views and the ones I think are the best. And I’m just going with the main series here.

    Heart = Favorites
    5. Final Fantasy IV
    4. Final Fantasy XII
    3. Final Fantasy IX
    2. Final Fantasy VI
    1. Final Fantasy X

    Mind = The Best

    5. Final Fantasy III
    4. Final Fantasy X
    3. Final Fantasy IV
    2. Final Fantasy VII
    1. Final Fantasy VI

  • Capt. Chuckles Capt. Chuckles says:

    This is a good video none the less. Some of the games I do agree with being on the list, and some of them I don’t. Here’s my list:

    1.) Final Fantasy VI
    2.) Final Fantasy IV
    3.) Final Fantasy IX
    4.) Final Fantasy X
    5.) Final Fantasy I

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    My favorite? VII. Why? Only one I’ve played. :)

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