Top 5 Zelda Games


Handsome Tom and Classy Man Jared give us this amazing list of the top 5 Zelda games. We know this list is controversial so let us know what your top list is and why.


  • DrForrester says:

    Thank you guys for giving the Wind Waker some love. Definitely my personal favorite Zelda game by far. The nautical theme to the music fits the setting so perfectly. The rest of your list was really great too. One of your best top 5 for sure

  • LegoToadeto LegoToadeto says:

    This video just gave me 8.5 boners.

    I couldn’t agree more with the order. Pretty much matches my top 5 from start to finish.

  • cofingp cofingp says:

    Great list! Personally, I’ve always more of an affinity for Majora than Ocarina, but it’s great to see Awakening getting some love!

  • Classy Snake Classy Snake says:

    This list is spot on. I could tell they really thought about the games. I couldn’t agree more with number 1. That is still my favorite Zelda of all time.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    A Link to the Past is by far the best Zelda game, and is very close second to Super Metroid as the best SNES game. I’ve finished it about 50 times since 1992 and it never gets old.

    I agree with the list for the most part, but honestly I enjoyed Majora’s Mask more than Ocarina of Time.

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