GH Weekly News May 26 2012


Last week Diablo 3 breaks sales records and has launch issues, the developer for Kingdoms of Amalur are in serious financial trouble, EA and Activision settle a lawsuit, the upcoming Southpark game gets a delay and more discounted Wii games are on the way!


  • slavender says:

    Nice job on this weekly news and nice Chuck Norris shirt. This weeks report is a slight improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.

    What you have to do now is be consistent and release the weekly news every week on the same day.

    Website errors aren’t fixed yet and time should be spent on that rather than adding new content.

    If I work at a pizza restaurant and I run out of pizza sauce I don’t continue to serve pizzas without pizza sauce I have to fix the issue before any more pizzas are to be served.

    In this weeks report there appears to be more confidence throughout the report than previously. Nice improvement.

    If you can’t deliver each separate news story without error I bet with a little more slick video editing you can make the transitions smoother and not appear like you spent 4 hours working on a 4 minute video. If I was just listening to a mp3 of this report I wouldn’t have noticed obviously.

    I also felt after Tom delivered the facts of each news story that he was trying to add his 2 cents. It didn’t feel natural. It felt like Tom was reading from a script. It didn’t feel comfortable like a group of buddies just hanging out talking video games.

    Tom’s eyes kept quickly moving off the camera. It wasn’t wondering off the camera like before but was still noticeable.

    After delivering the facts of each news story Screwattack tries to deliver some humor. I did miscommunicate that I wanted you to be like Screwattack. Try to use their business model as an example. While Screwattack will try to be funny in this situation maybe the character Handsome Tom can contribute his opinion only the way that the character Handsome Tom can.

    Tom may have already been trying to do that and I am just not familiar enough with the character, but there was parts where he didn’t look comfortable and it felt like when you are trying to talk to someone who is socially awkward or someone who appears nervous.

    I actually felt this week that the writing was good but maybe it doesn’t fit the character handsome tom or tom just has problems with reading from a script and not being able to make it sound natural. Maybe delivering the news without a script may be better. Usually people who have experience in radio are really good at this and can give you good advice on this.

    When I watched the video there still was some stuttering but not as much. I may not be familiar enough with the Handsome Tom character so maybe he is supposed to stutter. When I think of stutter I am reminded of Stuttering Craig from Screwattack so I am not sure if the character is supposed to stutter.

    It is great that you guys are not like Screwattack because if you were similar too much of the same thing isn’t always a good thing.

    If you could do a daily news report that would be great and push more people to check the website everyday. There is a lot of gaming news where you can record an entire weeks worth of content in a single day and just post a new piece of content each day. This is similar to how the tv show “Wheel of Fortune” does it. That’s why Pat Sajak has continued to do it for 30 years. He may work a total of 3 months each year but they always have new content everyday. It sounds funny making a reference to “Wheel of Fortune” but a good model and they have continued success.

    I know you guys are different from Screwattack and do not want to copy them so I suggest to use this video as a model of how to successfully deliver content daily and make it personal/natural.

    Take some pointers here. This show alone averages 7000+ views daily and that is not including the views they get from youtube. I don’t know how many business dollars that is.

    The more people that watch the videos the greater the probability more people will comment on the video. Since I am the only one that comments here not including the employees that like to kiss Tom’s ass I bet these videos do not get as many views so there is something that can be learned here.

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Why don’t you screw off?

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