GH Weekly News April 30 2012


This week Sony has a new fighting game coming, Nintendo plans to go digital and also sees its financial woes continue, Portal 2’s getting a level editor, and two of last year’s best games are getting game of the year editions.

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  • bonedaddy03 says:

    This was a good industry analysis. I’ve been watching the Nintendo profits story pretty closely. What I think we’re going to see with Nintendo is that their stock price is going to fall pretty significantly. They’ve been in a tumble since 3/26/2010. They traded at a 3 year high at $42 per share. It seems likely that their shares are going to continue to plummet as the negative financial news continues to come to light.

    Further, I’m not convinced that Nintendo is going to dominate the handheld market for much longer. The iPhone is the mobile gaming console to beat. As mobile gaming increasingly moves toward multifunctional mobile devices, Nintendo’s share of the market is going to continue to shrink. First in America, last in Japan.

    That all being said, I think Nintendo’s a great buy. Think about it. You’ve got a company that’s been around since 1889. How many other companies can you think of in any industry at all that have been around for 122 years? Not many.

    What I see when I look at Nintendo is a company that has learned how to recreate itself over and over again. The playing card market of the late 19th century is a completely different world from the 1940s, the 1960s, and so on. Nintendo’s history of taking smart risks will end up saving it. They’ve proven themselves to be industry leaders at rethinking what their core competencies are.

    What I’m saying is that Nintendo’s stock is going to rebound fairly quickly. Pick up some shares now and hold on to them until they launch their Wii U. They’ll skyrocket in the short run from the immediate cash infusion.

    Another way of saying it: Their stock is at a 10 year low in a product launch year! Invest!

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