5 Minutes to Burn


Camera Man Joe takes us down another one of his favorite tower defense games for the iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Have a flash game or iOS game for Camera Man Joe? Email him at Joey@thegameheroes.com

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JetPack Joyride


Camera Man Joe takes a look at this free iPhone and iPad game. Will JetPack Joyride be worth your five minutes to burn?

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A game thats been requested for Camera Man Joe to review, Abobos Big Adventure does not disappoint. Play game HERE.

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A game with the a true five minutes to burn, Camera Man reviews this title that encourages you to kill yourself.

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What looked like an instant classic from the preview video, this game could have been regarded as the most over the top and fun flash game on the net. So why did everyone forget about it? Camera Man Joe takes a look at a once talked about preview for a game that everyone forgot. Play it HERE.

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A Mad Max type of atmosphere, this game has you sitting under an umbrella killing everyone in sight.

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On several game of the year list, the Binding of Isaac is a cool looking Zelda style shooter. Is this game worthy of your Five Minutes to Burn?

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We know its a little over due, but incase you have not received enough Christmas and Santa this year check out this Five Minutes to Burn. Play the game HERE.

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Crime City


Looking to do some crime? You and your friends can go nuts on the iPad with this never ending game.

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This ep of 5 minutes to burn features Drawn on the iPad. Camera Man Joe marvels at the artwork and gameplay style in this game.

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