This week we have Metal Gear Solid news, another classic fighting game is making a return, PS3 owners of Saints Row: The Third finally find out what exclusive content they’ll be getting and Bioware reveals what will be in the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition.

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This week Call of Duty: Elite has some issues, Modern Warfare 3 breaks records, surprise surprise, an arcade classic everyone’s been begging for looks to be finally getting a rerelease, Sony offers a way to download your current PSP games on the upcoming Playstation Vita… for a price and God of War rumors.

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This week GTA 5’s first trailer goes live, news on an upcoming announcement for the Metal Gear series, a new Alan Wake project gets leaked and an idiot pays through the teeth to get an early copy of an upcoming release.

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GH Weekly News Oct 31


Handsome Tom (Wolverine) Does this weeks news. We have a big announcement from Rockstar, Blizzard gets everyone pumped for Diablo 3, Sega’s mascot breaks a record and troubled times for Nintendo

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This week we see one of next year’s biggest games gets multiplayer, it’s Batman week so we’ll talk about held-back features in the Dark Knight’s latest adventure and a PS2 classic turns 10 and gets a rerelease on some odd platforms.

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This week Microsoft wants you to throw out your cable tv box, Playstation launches a new promo to get you to buy more content, more characters revealed for Batman: Arkham City and more Dead Space 3 leaks!

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Weekly News October 3 2011


This week a huge MMO gets a release date and pricing details, rumors of a huge change in setting for a popular survival-horror sequel, a PC classic rises from the grave and an angry Call of Duty player takes matters into his own hands… literally!

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This week Ubisoft gives PS3 owners a bonus for their biggest game of the year, Team Ninja making huge changes to one of its franchises, Crytek’s working on a sequel no one asked for and Dark Soul’s excessively punishes early players.

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The Game Heroes new weekly news with Orlando! FInd out whats coming out this week, what happened at TGS and much more!

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