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This weeks news includes; Capcom trying to make more money, rumors about the original Crysis, DLC for Deus EX, Dragon age 2 and Doom is back for one country.

Devil May Cry Collection Possibly On the Way

Looks like Capcom is trying to take more of my money.  It seems a Devil May Cry HD Collection is all but announced after a rating of the games by the ESRB.

The collection, which would include the Playstion 2 titles Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3 upscaled into beautiful HD.  The ESRB rating was for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Those of you who know me are aware I love the Devil May Cry series.  It was probably my favorite series from the previous console generation (excluding Devil May Cry 2… it was terrible).  Superb combat, extremely punishing difficulty and an awesome main character, the series had everything I wanted and more.  If Capcom does in fact release an HD collection of the series, and it looks very likely, I will be first in line to pick it up. 


Original Crysis Set to be Rereleased


Rumors have been floating around for a few months about the original Crysis heading to consoles.  The rumor has been confirmed by Cyrtek President and CEO Cevat Yerli on an episode of Game Trailers TV.

Crysis is set to come to Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade next month (October) and will cost $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft points.  The console version will also be remastered with new lighting effects and nanosuit abilities.

Crysis was released back in 2007 on PC and is seen as a graphical juggernaut.  Basically if you want to play the game with maxed-out graphics you need to own a top-of-the-line super computer.  Looks like all the people who missed out on this beautiful but PC taxing shooter will now get a chance to play it at a decent price.


DLC on the Way for Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released a few weeks ago to much critical acclaim.  Of course with a hit game comes the inevitable downloadable content. 

Eidos: Montreal announced the add-on titled “The Missing Link” will be coming in October.  It will take place during a three-day period where protagonist, Adam Jenson, falls off the grid.  Jenson is captured, gets his super-human augmentations disabled and must rebuild them.  New environments and characters will be introduced in the episode as well as expanding on the game’s overall narrative.

An exact release date or price for the DLC has yet to be announced so stayed tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Eidos Montreal Growing


In more Deus Ex news, parent company Square Enix plans to expand Canadian developer Eidos Montreal.

According to a report from La Presse Affaires in Quebec, Square Enix plans on doubling the developer’s workforce from 330 to 660 by 2015.  A tentative agreement has been made with the Japanese parent company and financier Investissement Quebec.  If approved Square Enix will receive $2 million in tax credits. 

Square Enix acquired Eidos in 2009 and the developer is currently working on the fourth entry in the Thief series (titled Th14f).

As a fellow Canadian I’m extremely happy to hear the expansion of Eidos Montreal, especially coming off what seems to be a big hit.  I look forward to seeing what the studio does next with all the extra resources at their disposal.


Game Plus Mode Coming to Batman: Arkham City


Did you enjoy Batman: Arkham Asylum but didn’t feel the need to play the story a second time?  Well upcoming series entry, Arkham City, Getting plans on changing things up with additional Game + mode upon completion.

Once you complete the campaign the feature will be unlocked.  All of Batman’s gadgets and upgrades from the previous play through will be available, but combat will be tweaked.  Enemy configuration will change and there will be no combat assist so the player will need to read enemy animations in order to defeat them.

Let me get this out of the way:  I am very excited for Batman: Arkham City and  October 18th can’t come soon enough. The new Game + mode sounds intriguing, but to me it sounds less difficult than playing Arkham Asylum on Hard where you start with the bare gadgets and there’s no enemy assist.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see how difficult it really is.


Dragon Age Series Looking to Make Changes

Coming off the mixed reviews of Dragon Age II earlier this year, Bioware’s Mike Laidlaw spoke about the future of the series at PAX. 

He says the next entry in the series would potentially star a new protagonist, leaving the story of the Grey Warden from the first game and Hawke from the second up in the air.

Bioware also plans on allowing player to have more control over side characters.  Character appearance won’t change based on armor but instead each will have alternate outfits which will be unlocked as they play through the game.  Also, it’s rumored Morrigan from the first game will be returning and expanding on what happened to her at the end of Dragon Age: Origins.

No news on whether Bioware is actually actively working on Dragon Age III as all this information was given as “hypothetical” by Laidlaw.


Doom Finally Coming to Germany

Congradulations Germany!  Almost two decades late the classic id Software shooters Doom and Doom II will be available in the country without restrictions.

Until now, the games had been indexed by Germany’s Federal Media Hamrful for Young Persons.  This means the games could not be sold, rented or imported in places with access to minors. 

The indexed status of the games changed due to a law in the country which allows artists to appeal the ruling ten years after it was passed.  id’s parent company, Zenimax Media, did just that which changes the rating for both Doom games to 16+.

It’s amazing to think so many people missed out on the classic, yet extremely violent Doom.  I seriously can’t think of one kid who grew up in the 90s who hasn’t at least tried a Doom game.  Well enjoy Germany!  Too bad it took you this long to play a piece of gaming history.


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