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The Game Heroes new weekly news with Orlando! FInd out whats coming out this week, what happened at TGS and much more!

Former Initity Ward Heads vs. Activision Court Date Announced


In what may be considered the gaming world’s biggest drama now has a court date of May 7, 2012.

Former Infinity Ward bosses (creators and developers for the Call of Duty franchise)  Jason West and Vince Zampella are seeking $125 million in unpaid royalties from Modern Warfare 2, which were annulled after Activision fired the duo for breach of contract.

In rebuttal, Acitvision is seeking $400 million in damages from the pair and their new employer, Electronic Arts.  They state West, Zampella and EA conspired against Activision and their publishing deal.

Whatever happens in this case will majorly affect at least one of the parties involved for sure. Stayed tuned in May for the court-drama to finally start.


NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Gets Release Date


BOOM-SHAK-A-LAKA!!!  What I consider the best basketball series ever will be seeing its latest edition hitting the Playstation Network October 4th and Xbox Live Arcade on the 5th.

What can you expect from the On-Fire Edition?  According to EA we’ll be seeing more than 1,000 game play tweaks including a better online system, revamped AI, but probably the greatest tweak of all: the price which will be $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft points.  Sold!

If you haven’t tried an NBA Jam game you owe yourself to at least try it out.  For those of you who spent $50 on last-year’s version of the game:  I’m truly sorry…


Infamous 2 DLC Details Released


A few weeks ago Sucker Punch announced the first downloadable content (not including user-generated content) for the Playstation 3 exclusive Infamous 2 titled, Festival of Blood.  The episode will see protagonist Cole get bitten by Vampires and in order to save his humanity he must destroy their king before the night is done.

The episode has been given a release date of October 25th, just in time for Halloween.  Sony also announced it will also support Playstation Move controllers, not that too many people really care but it’s a nice little addition.   Anyone excited to play some more Infamous 2?


Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventure Getting Anniversary Edition


Nintendo announced an updated version of the Gameboy Advanced multiplayer game, Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventure (a mode which was included in A Link to the Past) will be coming to DSiWare as the “Anniversary Edition.”

The game was a four-player co-operative game, but will also include a new single player mode with only two-controllable Link characters.  The Anniversary Edition will also include new areas titled “Hero’s Trial” and “Realm of Memories”, each containing three extra levels which will grant new skills upon completion.

How much will Four Sword Adventure cost you?  Absolutely nothing!  That’s right; Nintendo is offering the game as a free download on DSiWare!  You can download the game on September 28th but be aware; Nintendo is saying it will only be available for free until February 2012.  You have been warned!


Goldeneye: Reloaded Gets a Realease Date… And More!


The high-definition version of last year’s Wii title, Goldeneye, has been given the release date of November 1st.  The enhanced port titled, Goldeneye: Reloaded will also see improved online multiplayer as well as new challenge modes.

PS3 owners will also be getting a special bundle titled the “Double O Edition.”  It will include the Playstation Move controller, the navigation controller, the Playstation Eye camera and the Sharpshooter gun peripheral.  Price for the bundle has yet to be announced but considering a similar package for Resistance 3 cost $150, it’s fair to guess the price should be the same. 

While Goldeneye: Reloaded is definitely on my radar (mostly due to my love for the classic N64 title of the same name), I can’t see this game selling well due to it being crammed into an already insane fall release schedule. 

Let’s review:  The week before Battlefield 3 comes out, the day of Goldeneye gets release we get Uncharted 3 followed by Modern Warfare 3 the next week.  Three of the year’s biggest games (two of them shooters) all released around the same time as Goldeneye: Reloaded…  I just don’t see people running to stores to pick it up.



  • Handsome Tom Handsome Tom says:

    What did you guys think of the new news segment? We will get smoother every week! Any suggestions let us know.

  • Classy Snake Classy Snake says:

    This was an awesome segment, but I think either Orlando needs to relax and show some of that charm off more, or getting Mickey or Classyman to do this would be a good fit. Is this the first time Orlando has been on camera by himself like this?

  • mymundgulli says:

    I think Orlando is a good pick for this job. He has a nice, deep newscaster voice, which makes him pleasant to listen to. He seemed a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be in his first show :) If he could speak a little clearer, that would be awesome. As Handsome Tom said, this will get smoother and better for sure. Maybe add an audio cue or something between segments, so the hearer can separate the topics more easily.
    You can take advantage from the fact that Screwattack turned their own site into total shit, since you have to scroll through 3 tiny windows which takes forever and you don’t know what was made by whom and you can’t find shit. I definitely prefer the huge banner/blog style. Also, since yesterday they changed the style of Hard News, which is now totally stale and boring.
    The thing is, I don’t need two gaming news shows, but if you do this well, I can definitely imagine staying here.

  • Just-Joe Just-Joe says:

    Not bad for a first try, just keep this show consistent.

  • Mr Black Mr Black says:

    Thanks guys! One small correction: Dark Souls is actually out on October 4th not today. I think today’s the Japanese release date and I got messed up with the dates (two sources said it was out today, but my guess it was outside North America).

    Keep letting us know what you think!

  • ResidentialEvil ResidentialEvil says:

    Pretty good, I would encourage you to try and loosen up a bit and try to make it less obvious that you’re reading. But for the first time not bad.

    And mymundgulli you ain’t kidding…what a clusterf SA has become.

  • LegoToadeto LegoToadeto says:

    I love the video news segments. Please KEEP THEM CONSISTENT. I’d really like it if this weren’t the only one we see for 2 months. Also, have Orlando read the script and get familiar with it before filming. The prompter should be reference to see where you’re at or what comes next, not something you read directly off of. And mentioning the ‘Teleprompter;’ move it closer to the camera so he’s not looking 2 feet to the right of the camera every 2 seconds.

    Other than that, I loved it and would tune in to watch this whenever I saw it up. Great Job!!

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